The Kinjaz performing at the Arena Dance competition wearing the hoodie I designed for them. The design was to be based off the MNDFL hoodie from my first clothing collection. The letters read vertically, R A F N, which stands for the Kinjaz's motto, Respect All, Fear None.

The Kinjaz wearing the RAFN (Respect All, Fear None) hoodie that I designed on the set of the World of Dance competition.

The Kinjaz on set of Access Hollywood after performing in the RAFN hoodie.



I was fortunate enough to fly to Los Angeles for a week and paint three walls at the Kinjaz Dojo. This was my first time visiting this city, and my first opportunity to paint a calligraphy mural of this size. A huge thanks goes to the Kinjaz and to Vibrvncy for the great hospitality. To learn more about each mural: