Summer Collection 2017

Summer is coming to an end here in Minnesota and at long last the Summer 2017 collection is here. A smaller drop, this collection of two garments might seems sparse, but the designs and the places they honor are more than enough to fill the room. Hopefully they help you all enjoy your own last weeks of summer and encourage you to reflect on the season, or look ahead to the summers to come.

With this collection we went to the heart of the season and worked with the essentials. The first garment? The always classic cotton tee, available in white and black. The design criss crosses Minnesota with overlapping and interlacing strokes and features the signature Mindful Release stamps to the side. This shirt is Mindful Release's homage to its Minnesota roots, a tribute to the relationships and flows of energy that connect things across the humble and beautiful state. It's a must have for Minnesota natives or transplants, but at its heart this garment has a universal message. The places we live leave their marks on us, but what do we leave on them? Where does your stamp sit, relative to your homeland?

Our second garment, the Asemic Towel, is the biggest, boldest piece we've released. Asemic writing has no semantic meaning, but artists have used it for years for its evocative form and with the meticulously printed textures of each stroke on the towel it's easy to see why. The beauty of this piece is in the attention to detail, from the rendering of the brush to the hand-sewn labels expressing every beach goer's sentiment: Beach better have my Sunny. A full-sized beach towel with the glyphs running across the whole length, these seem just as well suited for a scroll-like wall hanging as they are for a day of lounging on the beach.

As always, the garments in this collection are available exclusively through Mindful Release and can be found on our SHOP page. With this release we are also doing a one-item giveaway with both of the garments! Everyone signed up for our email list is eligible to win, and it's not too late to sign up, winners will be chosen next Friday, September 1st so you can sign up for the email list anytime before then. Supplies of both our garments and the summer season are limited, so don't hesitate to get your shirts, your towels, and your sunny, now!

Beach Towel 5.jpg