Words Into Shapes

Between our Summer and Fall collections we here at Mindful Release are trying to build a closer relationship with our fans and followers, and as part of that push we'd like to fill you in on the various calligraphy projects that have come to be (besides the garments) since our launch. 

 Words Into Shapes, Work by Mindful Release

Words Into Shapes, Work by Mindful Release

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If you've been following Mindful Release for a while, then you know that Shane is always looking for ways to grow and experiment. He regularly branches out and brings his letters into new forms. One of these forms that shows up regularly in his work is the calligram, an intersection between calligraphy and imagery wherein an artist arranges words in a picture or interesting design. Our Instagram is covered in examples, and as of recently some of these examples and several new works can be found in the new book that we were lucky enough to be a part of, "Words Into Shapes: The Graphic Art of Calligram". This book, published by Monsa in Spain, features 144 pages of brilliant lettering work from artists all around the world. Check out Shane's pages here.

Monsa publishing is dedicated to highlighting contemporary art in many stylistic niches. They publish collections of collages, murals, manga, "Sweet & Bizarre" art, and tribute collections for Wes Anderson, Star Wars, David Bowie and more. Their work anthologizing and publishing artists is something we deeply respect and appreciate here at Mindful Release, and it was an honor to have been selected for this collection. Check out some previews of the book and Shane's work here and on the Monsa website linked above and, as always, stay mindful my friends.